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Breed Information
Includes AKC breed standard, Papillon FAQ, etc.

Breeders Directory (where to find a PCA-member breeders)

Health & Genetics
Includes articles & reports on genetic disorders of the breed, health surveys, genetic disorder disclosure forms, fundraisers/store, etc.

History of the Breed & History of the Papillon Club of America
Includes history-making "firsts" of the breed, old photos of the breed's early days, past National Specialty results, etc.


Papillon Club of America (Parent Club for the breed in the United States)
Includes Online Breeders Directory, Publications For Sale, History, Health & Genetics, Events Calendar, Rescue

Local / Independent U.S. Papillon Clubs
Currently there are clubs in northern and southern California, Colorado, District of Columbia (Virginia/Maryland), Florida, Hawaii, Illinois (Chicago), Massachusetts, Nevada (Carson City), New Jersey, Oklahoma (Tulsa), Pennsylvania, Texas (San Antonio), and Washington (Puget Sound). These smaller clubs are a great place to meet other Papillon owners and breeders.

Papillon Rescue - U.S. (National Rescue of the Papillon Club of America)
Includes Online Adoption Application, Rescue FAQ, Pics & Bios of Adoptable Papillons

Phalene Fanciers
(Drop-ear Variety)

Papillon Canada (Parent Club for the breed in Canada)

Papillon (Butterfly Dog) Club - U.K. (Parent Club for the breed in the UK)



Agility Papillons -- Discussion on Yahoogroups.com

Clicker Training with Papillons -- Discussion on Yahoogroups.com

TRAINING CLASSES (with Trainers who are Papillon owners):
Find training opportunities for obedience, agility, and other performance sports

Obedience Training Center of Huntsville (Huntsville, AL)
Kim Crenshaw
Classes (obedience & agility)

Papillonia Dog Training (Red Lion, PA)
Jeannine Rash
Seminars, Private Lessons, Small Dog Camps

Sunshine Obedience School (Council Bluffs, IA)
Gerianne Darnell
Classes (obedience, agility, tracking), Seminars, Private Lessons, Small Dog Camps

Total Recall School For Dogs (Minneapolis, MN)
Glen & Sue Kothe
Classes, Private Lessons (puppy, obedience, agility)

Find training opportunities for obedience, agility, and other performance sports

Agility, Obedience, and Tracking Clubs (AKC) (search by state)

Clicker Training -- ClickerSolutions.com
Huge archive of articles for clicker training, including many by Debi Davis, owner/trainer of "Peek" the Papillon Service Dog ( Delta Society's 1999 National Service Dog of the Year)

Clicker Training -- ClickerTraining.com - Karen Pryor's website

Clicker Training -- ClickerTeachers.com (how to find a clicker teacher)

Nationwide Listing of Dog Training Organizations
(search by state)


BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food)
Dr. Ian Billinghurst's site for natural diet information, books, and new commercially available BARF Diet food

Dog Food - Canaidae (Includes store locator)
One of the food recommended by Denzel Papillons

Dog Food -- Nutro Products
A favorite dog food of the Denzel Papillons!

Health Clinics
Calendar of clinics around the country for health screening (OFA / CERF) and microchipping

Oxyfresh Products
Includes pet antioxidants and pet oral health care products


Belly Bands for Male Dogs
How to make inexpensive "belly bands" for male Papillons (to aid housebreaking, prevent marking)

Oxyfresh Products
The amazing products t

hat we rave about!
Includes Pet Oral Hygiene Solution, Pet Gel (healing toothpaste), Pet Shampoo, Primorye, and Cleansing Gele

Wickets (for measuring height)

Wickets By Mel has a puppy wicket that is just big enough for Papillons, puppies and adults (measured up to 12.5")


All Breed Rescue Network (Colorado)
Colorado contacts for every AKC breed, list approved by the state's shelter & rescue network

CERF (Canine Eye Registry Foundation)
Includes searchable databases for online verification of Papillon test/exam results

National Animal Interest Alliance (NAIA)
Protecting the rights of responsible pet owners

OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals)
Information on patellar luxation (grades, categories, statistics, downloadable application forms)
Includes searchable databases for online verification of Papillon test/exam results

Pet Loss & Grief Support

Responsible Pet Owners Alliance

Vaccination Information & Recommendations
Latest guidelines for pet vaccinations -- what vaccines are necessary (or unnecessary) and how often to revaccinate -- based on the latest research and presented in easy-to-understand language by a veterinarian. You might want to print this out and take it to your veterinarian!

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