Denzel The Cat's Meow (DOM)
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(additional photos below) Pictured at 2 years

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CH Loteki Denzel Svenagli CD (SOD), HIT/Group Winner
CH Denzel Rhapsody In Red (DOM)
15 March 2019
White & sable
Tracy Halverson Burdick
Tracy Halverson Burdick



OTCH Denzel Bearcat UDX TDX - D, Multi HIT/HC Winner
Kitty has 6 points, including a BOS win over a special.  She possesses beautiful structure, excellent movement, and a very showy temperament.  Her irregular face markings and short body coat made it difficult to earn the rare majors needed to complete her Championship so she was retired to breeding.  Her dam raised two orphan kittens with Kitty and her brother, hence the "cat" theme in the names.  Kitty is amazingly catlike in many ways and these traits have passed down to many of her offspring.  Kitty is now enjoying retirement as a retired and pampered princess in a local pet home with her daughter, CH Denzel The Cat Burglar.



Denzel The Bear Essentials - B
Denzel The Bobcat, AX AXJ OAP OJP - D

CH Denzel The Cat Burglar - B
Denzel The Cat's Pajamas - B
Denzel Catty Remark - B,
major pointed
CH Denzel The Cheshire Cat - B
CH Denzel The Copy Cat - B
CH Denzel Let's Make A Deal - D
Denzel The Wildcat - B

Pictured at 7 years