Denzel Christmas Cards

Our annual photo Christmas cards have become a tradition that we enjoy sharing
with our friends and the Denzel "family" around the world.


Krista Burdick (age 5) with:
"Presto" (CH Denzel Say The Magic Word SOD) @ 10-1/2 years



Krista with:
 "Izzy" (Denzel The Word Is Out) @ 16 weeks & "Bam" (CH Denzel Kick It Up A Notch) @ 8 weeks



Tracy, Krista, and Russ Burdick with four Papillon puppies:

CH Denzel Take The Heat "Fever" @ 5 months,
CH Denzel Wildways All Shook Up "Presley" @ 5 months and two
6-week old pups by CH Denzel Say The Magic Word SOD x St Blaise Denzel Main Event DOM



Krista with pet male,"Royal" (Denzel Royal Crown) @ 10 weeks



Krista with:
"Reggie" (Am/Dutch CH Denzel Prince Regent) @  12 weeks


Krista with:
"Presto" (CH Denzel Say The Magic Word) wearing a Santa Claus hat

Christmas 1996

Tracy & Russ with:

"Tiggy" (pet female by CH Denzel Tiger By The Tail SOM x Denzel The Cat's Meow DOM) @ 14 weeks and
"Missy" (CH Denzel The Mesmerizer) @ 6 weeks


Christmas 1995

"Tess" (Denzel Testarossa) @  10 weeks


Christmas 1994